Reviews for "Tito The Armadillo"

Above Proficient

Animation: Fantastic

~~It looks like a real cartoon show, and in my opinion, better.

~~Everything is smooth, the only area to improve is when the turtle runs.

Audio: Seamless

~~If I heard the music, it fitted the scenes perfectly.

~~The only way to make it better would to actually add vocals. Proficient

Content: Entertaining

~~It's a bit short to do as good as you did, so I was disappointed. I almost gave you a ten, but to get a ten you need to be perfect. I'm sorry.

If you have any questions on my thoughts specifically, you can PM me.

thefjk responds:

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Felt bad for the poor fella, but well, thats Karma. Never make a small kid cry. Nice animation, 2 thumbs up. It was creative and had a good touch. Keep it up.



Very cute animation

I feel sorry for tito though, I mean the poor dude was just hungry. It's like wily coyote all over again.

great animation

do any one can tell me how to get blame and protection points?
cause i just dont get it T_T