Reviews for "Tito The Armadillo"

Good show!

I liked the coloring the trees, sky and mountain looked fantastic. The animation was smooth. I liked the the beginning of the story and the middle but I thought the ending was weak. It just seemed like there should have been just a little more to it to see what the ants to the Tito. I looked back at your earlier work and I must say vastly improved. This looked fantastic.


This is a excellent short, very well realized animated. Sound is cool and backgrounds are absolutely fantastic..
And....I love turtles! I hope there are sequels!

TV Material

Very simple yet enjoyable backgrounds and animation. I see lots of potential for tv shorts or a show. very nice :)


Awesome animation, did you hand drawn the backgrounds, they seem like a real piece of art...


It looked kinda... weird... when all the ants came spurting out the hill ^^