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Reviews for "-Crazy Dave-"


I like the beeps on the menu. That was the funniest part. Beep!

To the guy under me-

Hey, it did say it could cause seizure, I do feel sorry for your brother and you family, but please don't get angry at it, it did say it could. Good flash, though I did not like some of the animations in there.


Good flash, but unless you want to get sued off your ass i advise a warning about that thing at the end b/c i bet you some unsuspecting person who can have seizures due to that kinda stuff will come across this, have a seizure, and hurt themselves...very badly.

Extremly funny!

This made me lol so hard! 10/10 for Dr. Zoidberg

Really nice job.

I have to admit that this was great! nice story and use of beat boxing :)