Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"


Not bad, kinda fun. But I accidentally got my homing rocket thing stuck on the play button and then, despite clicking on the rocket, it counted as clicking on the play button so I could do nothing about it. The glitch was insanely irritating, so I have voted lower as a result.


Theres a game ending glitch I can't get past where it takes away all my weapons and stuff I've bought when I try to upgrade the speed so yeah, until its sorted this is all it gets. It'd probally be a good game if it worked. (and yes, I do have the latest flash. Don't ask or I will strike you, repeatedly)

5831 seconds!!!!!

omg i didnt even relize!!!! pretty good game :/

doesn't work...

it wont let me play the game...all i can access is the credits...its shit


I´m stuck in the this may or may not be preloader.