Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Bug tastic

Great game, very addictive but the bug described below totally ruined it for me. Even worse when i restarted it the next day it had saved my progress, my ship had been stripped bare and i only had 500 credits so couldn't buy and weapons and am now, effectively, impossibly, stuck.


If i fully upgraded my guns or had to many items fully upgraded then everything disappeared and i had to restart with guns and stuff... Kinda gets aggravating.....

So a 3 until this is fixxed


It seems like it would be fun, but there are too many glitches to play it. It deleted all my ships parts more than once, and I couldn't leave the ship upgrade screen. I spent all my money on parts, and once I clicked play, they were all gone, I didn't have enough money to buy any weapons, and I had to quit.

same old generic

it's fun and full but repetative a gets boring it's ok not really

like but not like

the concept is good but I found that I got really annoyed with the music. and there was no quick button to keep pressing play so i had to swap between keyboard to mouse. that was the thing that really got me annoyed. and it not the type of game that i would go out of my way to play its too complex. and boring. like i understand that it was based around upgrading but if only that is the game.? than taht was really bad. sorry 3 stars