Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Got me there

This definetly needs medals...that you can UPGRADE!!!!!

2 words i liked it

you have so moch potential to do so many things tha you can even imagine......
exelent... you have my 5/5

The-EXP responds:

Looks like you upgraded to 3 words...


Really well done

The-EXP responds:


Love it!

I love this game! Its an idea so unique, it doesn't matter what happens during the game. And, each upgrade was in fact, an upgrade. Absolutely fantastic game. Very few things wrong with it that are worth mentioning (in fact, I don't feel like digging around, thats how hard they are to find.) Favorited :D!

The-EXP responds:

I like fishes.

Seriously, guys?

Going over %100 isn't a glitch, all the upgrades are %100, and all the achievements are 1% each.

On the actual review, this game Rocks! I loved it, just as I loved achievement unlocked. That game rocked too. You have done achievement unlocked, and somehow managed to make it even better! 10/10, and 5/5.

The-EXP responds:

Actually the achievements don't count towards it, I put in the 110% for fun :p
It originall was 100 percent, then I added in an extra upgrade or two which made it 110, and I thought, why not.