Reviews for "Upgrade Complete!"

Really great

I played the game, and I loved it, but I think it'll be a lot better and longer (because it's really short, I think):
-Make the player to unlock achievements like they buy everything else (and count achievements in the progress)
-Add more games with there proper upgrades and achievements
-Make things upgradable when the player have the required progress or have the upgrades made (like upgrading buttons in v2 only if you have the background menu in v2)

Otherwise, it's seriously well made (and the more things I can change or upgrade in a game, the more I love the game ^^)

The-EXP responds:

Thanks for playing, I'll thnk about it...

Wow lol

Well first off I thought the concept was really funny ^^ making fun of all the upgrading defence games out there was a good idea lol. When I first started playing it I wasnt expecting much but it did sort of get addicting to keep buying things, with all of the upgrades the game is actually playable =) Anyway yeah this was funny and amusing.

So much to do!

I love it! There is a lot I can do here.

You should add Newgrounds medals to this game!



Very nice.

Very nice game. It was overall fun to play. This is a rather fresh idea you have here, man. It was kind of boring at the end, but after a little bit of pushing myself to win, I did, and it was worth it.

There's also a small glitch where the progress meter goes over 100%.