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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

how depressing...

I was shocked that it's "Appropriate for all ages" yet the character is decapitated.
It just made it depressing to know it's a true story.


It is a very nice style. But it does seem a bit short. Still it is very good.


I don't get it, why was the car.....cuz he was drunk?

Uhh... !?!?

Like.. wtf? Dude gets owned by a car. Why the car hit him? It like just ram into him from somewhere. DUUUUDE! I don't know what I'm talking about! FUCK! You made me confused! >:(


I get annoyed by the misleading titles of the NG pages, describing this one having a "funny twist".

Vehicular homicide isn't funny or a plot twist of any kind. Sorry, but no sale here.