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Reviews for "Black & Reds - The Walk"

It was OK, I guess.

But you need to work on your twist.

It was ok...

I personally didn't think that the sort of animation suited the style of a humorous twist. Perhaps if it were a little more "cartoon-like" then yes...the effect would be much better. The graphics itself I found were simple but rather effective ... unfortunately didn't suit the style.

But we all gotta start somewhere ... so keep at it :)

I recommend either doing a serious flash with those sort of graphics and music ... or change the graphics for humour... good luck...

Totally Unfunny and.... The Must Have Been High.

the whole video was nothing but a boring two-tone walk down the block. if i would have had a gun i would have shot myself just to make something funny happen. the car hitting the guy was cliche. i could have seen funnier cartoons on a kid's show.

Wow, that was random

I guess win one for dogs? Interesting use of just two colors.


That was awesome.