Reviews for "Ballies"


Almost perfect.

Graphics- Very good for the style of gameplay

Sound- It wasn't boring or to loud and it didnt get repedative (Although if I played longer than 20 mins it probably would)

Concept- Wasn't the most original game in the universe. But it was a very good iteration.

Summary- The game never got boring to me and I saw no flaws in the gameplay besides the place a bomb help thing coming up whenever I dodnt place one for a few minutes. Kudos!

Only 10 stars?

What makes a good game?
Is it gameplay, graphics, innovation?
Well the gameplay is simple, the graphics aren't amazing and the game isn't groundbraking. However, it ticks the most important box of all: Is it fun?
Addictive and enjoyable I have been playing this game for atleast 45 minutes now and the fun is yet to cease!
Why is this only Daily 3rd? This should be number one for the current millenium!
Really Well Done. I'd ask for a Ballies 2 but can you improve on perfection?

Fun and addictive

Simple concept, but really addictive. I love what youve done with the colours, too. I'd play this again, and i probably will!


Love it!

I love this game! So simple, but yet still so addictive. Great job!

pretty cool

This is awesome -1