Reviews for "Ballies"

decent game

not bad but to the guy below me there were time intervals its at the bottom of the screen

Not bad

Yes the concept is slightly overused, but I think you made up for that with the powerups. I certainly was not expecting a shooter powerup for a bomb placing game.

I think your game screen in relation to the size of the balls was far too small. The space to move around was hardly enough, combined with the rate at which the balls appear from the side of the screen. This also makes it hard to maneuver for those who want to go for the big kill - that being trying to lure as many balls together as possible before laying a bomb.

The swirly colour changing background was a nice touch, and sometimes the death of the player. Just when you thought it was safe to bump through the green ball to get out of a tight spot, the background changes and you die. It's a nice addition, but some players may find that annoying. I found it interesting and it added a new aspect of difficulty and challenge to the game. You might want to consider adding time intervals for each colour change for the player to see. I suppose it might make things easier, but with other things to concentrate on like moving around and placing bombs, I don't think it will make that much of a difference. And it'll prevent accidental deaths by bumping.

Oh, and let me return to the space issue. With so little space to move around it makes the shooter powerup relatively redundant. There's barely enough space to turn and shoot those pesky balls that are creeping nearer and nearer.

My suggestion is to make the playing field larger, and as the levels increase, make the balls faster. I think this would add a much more interesting challenege to the game. And the mouse sensitivity issue as mentioned earlier - faster response = allowance for faster moving balls.

Old concept, new twists. Nice touches, but a little more retouching could do this alot of good.

love it

Awesome game, there's just something very endearing about leading helpless balls into bombs like suicidal lemmings. Only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because the shooter is a little inaccurate and for some reason cant hit anything at point blank range. Otherwise everything else is perfect! Great job =D

great game

i loved the game!!!


good, if not a bit over-used, concept. this game put a new spin on it though, by adding colors. that made it very hard though. getting killed because the color changed as soon as i touched one happened way too often. make a transition between the colors of about 5 seconds where you can touch the colors from the previous level and the colors in the new level. another thing that killed me a lot was the instant unfreezing. it needs a bit of a transition too just in case you don't kill evreything. another thing that would help with getting killed at level changes would be a sound effect to let you know when it's about to change. one more thing that was a bit annoying, i could move my mouse way faster than the circle dude and he would hit stuff on his way to the mouse, when my mouse didn't touch anything. give it mouse pathing. basically, have the mouse drop little invisible circles every frame and have them numbered. have to circle set to move to the next highest number. it isn't really that hard. good luck!