Reviews for "Ballies"


interesting idea and concept. it was simple and hard. however, this game as serious potential.

Loved it

Only problem... which caused me to lose was when it changed...
I think it should like flash before changing >.> or some sort of warning... I kept going after the right color but then it would switch on me.
But then again... a warning would only soften the challenge... Good game ^-^

really good

i really liked it dont know why maybe im just in a good mood maybe not but ive got too say i got addicted to this i actually played it for 2 hours striaght i have never done that before !!!

Great Time Waster!


good dude

2 reasons its not a 10
one due to the fact its kinda repetitive=) and the other is because it says red u go to red then it changes.. u die.. bad times.. but apart from that great