Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

good but id rather twist again!



An awesome game, amazing soundtrack, and a Lost reference, all in one? yup 10/10 5/5

Simple yet deceptively complex

I kept getting confused between pressing Ctrl and Shift! And the less-even floors actually made it harder to platform jump, I liked them straight like in the prequels.
But I still got all those medals - which I actually found to be easier in this game than Shift 3. Speaking of, I hope those become actual NG medals soon.
I personally didn't like either of the ending songs. They didn't seem to fit the game.
Regardless, the game is very creative, complex, and challenging without needing a walkthrough. Hard to find that perfect medium! Good job.


hard but fun

Now THATS a game!

Loved the game, loved the soundtrack, and loved the "true" ending.