Reviews for "SHIFT 4"

Yayz a forth

I laiked the ferst tree so i are happeh
P.S I know my spelling is off, I laik too spell tis wai

XD and :|

eh its ok but XD


Great game, but it doesn't give me the medals :S

i still love this game!

hey will you make a version for for ipod nano touch?
and a code:
8C11C01C1C0030511400ZC15C1C01AC001C00 1C1AB700ZC12C1AC001AAAC400ZC1AA01C005 2Z5Z15C15C12C0630121C163012AAC2C52Z53 ZAB53001AB520012C022AA630126001251012 6001263012C00520012C022C4002140021400 215C152001C00600129201152001520012C02 2C40021400214005163012600125301260012 63012C00520012C022C400514002140021C00 530015100153001A0520012C022C400214002 1400211005263012510026301240012AB22C4 0051400214002130251402514025140251323 51C001C11C022C400214002140021C0040251 4025140251C001C01C01C0

awsome game!/series!

ok ive always loved this game n mad a profile just to say so :D n for the fogs down elow its called SHIFT think about it u pieces of sh**s n stop blaming the game for ur stupidity...............that is all :D