Reviews for "SHIFT 4"


It was good but way harder than the other one i played, shift 3


Lol. beginning of prologue is like lost.

Shift is amazing.

There is only one thing I hate. If I create an illegal map, it deletes it all. Therefore, if I am testing an incomplete map, I have to make it legal, or my map code will become 'NONE', and if I click 'back', there is no map!!! And its only is legal if:
a) there is ONE start.
b) there is ONE finish. (dont attempt 2 finishs, but you can only get to one, it WILL delete your map)

What about...

All of us who already gotten the Medals? I don't want to have to do it all over again.


this is a realy good game but my computer is fu**ed up and my charecter keeps walking when im not pressing the arrows don't get me wrong this is a good game though