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Reviews for "Ness VS. Sonic"

i agree with superbladeX

it waz funny but y did u kill sonic XC
bad art


Two points for animation, but the whole sonic thing annoyed me. If it had been Mario and Sonic, I might have let it slide because, well, you know, Mario vs. Sonic. Even Link vs. Sonic this outcome would have been tolerable. But Ness? OMG. I like Ness in early versions of Smash Bros., but he's nothing special. This video fails on that aspect.


how can a little pussy of a kid beat a hedgehog that moves 700 mph. sonic would just run in front of him or turn super and rip his head off.

Rock-Candy responds:

Obviosly, you've not played EarthBound.

Play it, and you'll see why the little pussy of a kid can beat the hedgehog.