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Reviews for "Ness VS. Sonic"

its really good

although i thought the audio could have been better,
you can tell you put alot of time and effort into this i enjoyed watchin it
good job

Great work

Just didn't like the acting sounded like some of the voice actors weren't even trying, sorry, and Paula was pronounced all funny, is that how you really pronounce that name in the game or is it Paul-a. I'm being over critical about it I know so you don't lose points for it but I think you pronounced it wrong.

Rock-Candy responds:

I'm a swede, and so is the other voiceactors, that's why the pronouncing is off.

Not bad but could use work.

This was a good flash but it did have poor sound quality and the animation though most would say it looked bad i did like cause i felt it fit the silly style of the flash with Ness & Sonic doing all the crazy things they we're doing and it had a good amount of funny moments to it with all the Earthbound references involved,overall i thought you did a swell job on it but there is always room for improvements.

Ness rocks... period.

Fun video, good concept and you had quite a bit going on there. It could have been smoother, but the lack of a preloader makes up for that in spades.

And to Silver: If you had ever played Earthbound (or Mother 2 to our Japanese friends) you would know that Ness is, in the best sense of and to correctly use the word, epic. I guess we can forgive you your ignorance this time, just don't let it happen again. (jk)

Poorly animated but good!

My favorite part about it had to be... The random apperence of Claus and Lucas. I can't help but give you credit. This is one of the better EB Falshes I've seen!