Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"

Very funny

This is so damn dark i love it

mini in the back fucking cracks me up

lol it was cool

also i love how the people that are giving bad reviews cause its short fail to read the "authoir comments". He made this short sketch for a film festival cause he was asked to. Nice job paying attention.


its alot shorter and not as funny as the first two but it was alright. can't wait for prostitute mickey 3 hope it comes out soon!


I smoked it!
Haha nice. I swear these never get old. Great job once again!

36 hours really isn't enough...

And this proves it.

The "Prostitute Mickey" flashes have proven themselves hilarious, but this one was lacking since it presented itself with only one or two jokes and nothing else.

Can't really penalize you though since you had such little time that you two probably didn't even type up a cohesive script.

So I did not take away 5 stars, rather...I gave you 5 for making this in just the short time span. At least it came out "meh...okay" rather than worse...