Reviews for "Prostitute Mickey 2 1/2"


Yeah seriously this series gets me everytime like seriously can't wait to see more from you guys =D

Dammit Goof.

not as funny as the others but still good

once again

Things you did great:
direction of the scenes and composition was well done. You used close ups and editing appropriately and the voices were very good! You also did lip sync and mouth replacement very effectively

Things you need to improve on:
You had something that potentially could be funny, but you really just used your humour in an obvious way, it wasn't really smart.
There also wasn't much animation to be found, your scene direction, art and close ups apparantly made up for this. Try to do something more sophisticated than an arm in a scratch loop. Also for the most part, the characters were completely still with just mouths moving.

Ya know...

I really have to say, upon first glance, these looked like something I would generally avoid. But I admit, it's goddamn hilarious! 10 for shining originaliaty in a generally overdone spin.

Why do I find this so funny?

I really feel like I should feel ashamed or something.