Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

This game is a joke ( Nawt. )

It's fresh, however, i found this bug, when i grinded a.... grind (?) i slipped down and out of the screen. I didn't care for playing it any longer then, but from what i've seen of this game so far isn't bad, except for some psycho controls.


I gave u a 0 for doin this instead of this game is a joke 4 :@

Huge potential

This game could be very good minus a few large problems.

Where is the level restart ????
And possibly the most frustrating and irritating controls I've ever experienced.

Potentially good...

There is some solid programming and some decent-looking (though disorienting) artwork behind this game. However, as previously mentioned, the game would benefit greatly from a "room reset" button; some of the box-pushing puzzles became glitched, forcing one to kill themselves to continue on to the next level.

Speaking of glitches, those lovely items compose the other half of the flaws holding the game's enjoyability down. Glitches occurred in a surprisingly large amount of locations, from occasionally starting a level with zero health to spontaneously dying upon exiting certain levels (this last one may, in fact, be the game's ending instead of a glitch, since it repeatedly manifested in the same level...in which case it is one of the worst endings ever...) Even some of the core mechanics, such as wallrunning, were often offset by what could only be collision-detection glitches.

By fixing these issues, the game can be uplifted from it's current state into...well...true front-page material.


this is a really good game but its kinda hard to enjoy it when the controls keep sticking from bugs which forces you to start from the beginning cuz theres no autosave...