Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Ok game.

however it was way too easy to get extra adrenaline. all you have to do is tap the jump key and trick key at the same time. the man will jump, complete the trick and land it with no problems and 20% more adrenaline. other than that i have no complaints.

Good game but......

There a are very bugs.

1-it have frozen on me and i had to start over.
2-some times i would jump in the air and kick and get stuck that way.
3-at one point i was stuck in the wall.

other than that it was a good game, but i needs the bugs fixed.

Fun but glitchy.

I was on a level and somehow i got stuck on one of the machines and couldnt do anything but press spacebar to pop up the help screen, it sucks having to start over but the artwork and the gameplay are both pretty good asides from the glitches.

good but glitchey and saveless

i really liked it.
however it did kinda freak out on me come part 2 glitch wise.
And there should be a save system or something cuz i found it to be kinda long and it sucks having to start all over when you come back to it

One major glitch

When you die on the second part, your health is literally nothing. This means you can take as many hits as you want as long as you don't get a health powerup (which then makes you vulnerable again). Now I don't really have a problem with this except that if you do it, you can't complete the game. You just keep on going into that same last door to be sent to the retry/menu screen. You also have infinite adrenaline after part 2 starts, which again is anything but a disadvantage and could be written-off as a reward rather than a glitch.

I can tell you worked hard on this game, but its still a bit glitchy and the dificulty level spikes after the second part. The fact that you kept having to increase your adrenaline just to wall jump (among other things that are impossible to do without adrenaline in the game) was also a huge annoyance.