Reviews for "Banishment Part 2 (beta)"

This Was


Very well done

This is far above and beyond your previous work. You're getting better every time.

The emotion caught in the story and portrayed by the actors is a breath of fresh air from many other Flash movies. I am looking forward to seeing the third installment.

And, yeah, pissing of Shadow is NEVER a good idea

good job

but there are a few minor gripes i had. like the begining to the first fight where he was dodgeing the fire was a little weird and uneeded. and the other minor gripe i had was it was a little buggy at some of the action scenes. i dont realy blamme you for these problems becouse you useing sprites. its still good to see how there are still some good sprites out there. keep up the good work.

segaplaya responds:


A true Story

I wish i could capture such Emotions in my story maybe then Rise part 3 wouldn't have fallen on it's face.
I loved being able to contribute to this project it truly is one of your best.
It has a charm about it that mine lacks and draws people in.
all in al keep bringing those flashes as long as you do i shall.

Excellent work

1) Good voice actors; Shadow's was deep enough.

2) Nice emotions; he's really too good at caging them.

3) The scene with Maria that was heartwarming, can't he escape his past?

4) The love interest was good never seen him blush like that...or at all.

5) Gosh their Father was sickening but I wish the family didn't have to die.

<Can't wait until the next part> :-)

segaplaya responds:

thanks, the next flash will be dimensional chaos, if you want to be a voice actress then pm me, and well talk