Reviews for "Banishment Part 2 (beta)"

Great Job Man

Vast improvement to your older work. I liked how the action went with the music fairly well and the action in general was more fast paced. The story was surprisingly grim and the ending was a nice shocker compared to the norm. Voice actors did a nice job, VireMaster just needs a better mic or atleast fix up his audio.

Well, good job man, here's hoping your next projects don't take as long!

segaplaya responds:

long time no speak, ill be sending over a Dimensional Chaos script soon, catchya later


Good pixel art and story! It really made my day! Keep it up!!! ^_^

very well thought out

quick question tho hopw long did it take you???

segaplaya responds:

one whole year to make, or just under it

pretty good ^^

one the better sprite movies out there in my opinion, great job. I'm looking forward to thext one. 9/10, though close ups aren't that good idea in a movie so pixeled.