Reviews for "Banishment Part 2 (beta)"

:( I Cried



This is an amazing production, I congratulate everyone who was a part of making it! After saying that I can now say this... the plot was so cheezey! Hahahaha good job on it though and I look forward to seeing another one.


This has to be the best sprite movie I have seen yet! Keep up the good work!

It was good.

But shadow cannot transform into super shadow without the 7 chaos emeralds.Can he?

segaplaya responds:

i was wondering when someone would ask that, that will be explained in future animations so stay tuned.

Amazing, Truely Amazing

You never cease to amaze me, segaplaya. Part 2 was even better than part one. One thing that I thought was a little bit overdone, was the beginning when Shadow was fighting the fire bird thing. That was a bit too extended, but it was still great. I also suggest that you add a recap at the beginning going over the inportant parts of the last episode real quick for people who didn't see the first one (or previous ones in later episodes.) I can't wait for part 3 to come out.

segaplaya responds:

actually my next production will be dimensional chaos. ill let know when its out.