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Reviews for "Survival Lab"

Awsuum :3

I got #1 xD

At first the game seems kinda boring, it's cooler after upgrading and getting to higher levels.

awsome game

look up

Good but easy...

i find the game very addicting but some what easy.
Also i find it that it becomes a bit boring towards the end because the main motivation is that you will get enough ex to lvl up and pass the next test but at the end every thing was lvled up and i was failing over and over again (about 10 times)
any way this makes the game a bit boring but it was worth it because of the ending
over all i give it 5/5 9/10.

Great game but..........

you should update it an make it skills max at 5 and give things like wall jumps regeneration and levitation
still really cool game

This game is BEAST.

This game, yes, THIS GAME, Survival Lab, is one of best and most addicting games ever. I think i'm going to be playing this everyday, hoping i might get first place soon, but that might not be possible. Still, back to it, this game is awesome. You, the creator, have not only created something awesome, but also happiness to most people loving games that include dodging, surviving, and platform, and high scores.