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Reviews for "Survival Lab"


@death636: i want to say the same!

Yo Yo Yo Evrybody!

This game is awesome i didnt get touch on this game my highest score was 1115600 i would thank you for this game the author who made it

Simple and satisfying

I'm really surprised at the quality of Flash games nowadays. Creative and fun. Responsive controls, good challenge factor. Like the power-up system and auto-save. Could use some more options i.e. erase save games etc. but a fun game nonetheless.

Hey guys listen up!

Hey its me Death. Im here to review this game. I like the moves Evasion Roll and triple jump. The odd thing is that when playing this game if you hit some bullets and then a rocket you will gain 6 health. Pretty much BEST GAME ON NEWGROUNDS!


I REALLY enjoyed this game.
Crazy fun dodging, even though I think a lil' longer and harder, and maybe upgrades up to 5 for each.
Great everything apart from that.