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Reviews for "Survival Lab"

One of the best games ever!!!

This game is super fun and has a high score system.

Really Awesome!

Its Extremely awesome its really good! the triple jumping, the armor, Everything! you should really make a sequel!

Gold medal

Over 25,000 points biatchez!

Keep up to good work.

I find it amazing that people will give a low score to a game because it "doesn't work" when it only doesn't on chrome...

Otherwise, smooth animation and game play, no glitches, it's an all around awesome game.

On a side note though, I can only speak for myself, but it would be really nice if the game was able to be played on chrome, as firefox always crashes on me. I was only able to get to level 14 before firefox crashed an I lost my progress. :(

Simplicity ai its best

Very addicting game and yet so simple. Have to love games like this.