Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

fuck this game

fuck this game cerberus is fucking impossible he goes to fast after you hurt him the 1st time and wtf is with the small boss area?!?! jesus dude this game is terrible

I see nothing in this game, it just tries to be artistic but let me tell you that making a game with pizels doesn't make it artistic, neither does that the fact that only has like 3 colors or the fact there there is a tomb and rain.
It's not a complex thing, it's not that "I don't get it", it is just a plain, boring, shitty game that tries to be artistic and fails. Stop making simple pixelated gaes to feel artistic and/or intelectual.

nice game and also i was walking away from the grave and i looked back BWAH!

it freezes randomly

This game is so annoying the enemies where to fast