Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

Mother of god!

I played it until I beat it. The ghost was a VERY neat twist. And the way you made the ...well. I don't want to spoil anything. But I got a screenshot of the "end credits" being showed. The ghost explains why you can't look back. And the fight with the dog was awesome. The giant was fun as well. This game simply rocks. If it doesn't make front page then someone is falling asleep at the help of NG. I'd vote you a one thousand if I had the ability. Wonderful, it is my new all time favorite game. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. The graphics reminded me of my old Atari 2600 days. But none of those games was ever this cool.

Nice plot

Loved the way the game was put together, especially the part about not starting ALL over when you died, just from last frame...
My interpretation of the plot is, that he lost a loved one, and when she died, so did he... Just not physically...

Extremely well-done.

It seems users either really like this piece, or really don't. I myself am in the first category.

Story is sometimes difficult to communicate in games, particularly in games with such low-bit graphics and minimal set pieces. However, unlike many mainstream platforming vehicles (Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, etc.), this entire experience seems to BE the story, rather than simply progressing it, and I find that extremely satisfying.

Every little thing in this game seemed to mean something. From the simple reds and blacks of the background palette, we can deduce that we're dealing with death and the afterlife. From the challenging platforming, we can deduce the hardships our traveler must have faced on his way to reach his goal. From the stirring and minimal music cues and sound effects, we can deduce that the situation is just as unsettling for our traveler as is it for us as a player. And finally, from the ending, we can deduce that the author has a very active imagination.

The controls handle well, never feeling as if they get in the way of the narrative, and the quick "death" wipe lets you know you've screwed up without seriously harming the flow. Also, the fact that your avatar can't actually die makes it a game anyone with enough patience and interest can finish.

And there's a lot of interesting stuff here.

Bravissimo, sir. Easily my favorite recent thing on Newgrounds since "Closure." I'd like to see more dark, unique, story-driven experiences like these.

Really Good

I think this great in many ways and very much deserves a sequel. I love the whole feel of the game and it's just hard enough to make it feel worth something when you beat it.

Uber plot-twist ending! I love this!
It was rough at times, but that's what makes it pop out of a plethora of simple platformers.
And wow, the lady gasp made me cringe whenever I looked back. Kinda makes you feel guilty.
I only regret not playing this sooner!