Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

Hey i know this story!

I realized the moment i got to the woman's ghost that this is based off greek mythology. I don't remeber the names of the characters but i guy goes into the under world to get back his dead wife and when he gets their he's allowed to take her but the catch is that he can't look back at her till thier out and just when he's about to reach the end of the cavern the dumb ass looks back. the game was solid by it's self but given the thought you put into this game and the history behind it i'm giving you a perfect 10


so tense and interesting, while still being very simple.
the bosses were cool
and the end is the ice cream topping.
awesome game. for your first flash game/submission, you get a 10
only thing i am not sure about is the music.
with the 8bit style graphics i expected an 8bit song, but that wouldnt quite fit the athmosphere, so i dont substract any points for that


pretty darn awesome it was a simple yet challenging game...and the fact that it was like a game of the old days made it better...

the final boss was cool too ^^
pretty much the NekoLynx said was so true ^~^


Loved the whole Orpheus and Eurydice theme, great to play as well :D


good game, and good that it included greek mythology, well put together, i love the ending