Reviews for "Don't Look Back"

This game is amazing!

I can't say enough to express how perfect that game was. Really, I wrote alot of stuff, then deleted it because it was useless. To sum up - the style, the atmosphere, the ideas, the bosses, the gameplay, the sounds.... everything was great. If there was wish-something-good-for-NG day, I'd wish more games from you. Seriously. It got me back in the DOS times, but it wasn't simply just that. I LOVED the game, continue the great work please.

Was that Orphee and Euridyce ?

Certainly inspired by that myth ! I shivered when I figured out the title. However, I was disappointed at the end since the greek myth don't end that way.

If you wanna know, Orphee is a poet that lost his wife at their wedding, she was bitten by a snake. He decides to go after her in the deep hell and since he's very talented with music, he don't meet much obstacles. Then he meet Neptune (which we can compare to the last boss) which is convinced by Orphee to get his wife, Euridyce, back. Neptune agrees, however, he might NOT TURN BACK until they are out of his kingdom (hell). As they were almost reaching earth, Orphee turn back in a doubt if his wife love her, and Eurydice disappear. Orphee then get back to the surface alone in dispair.

Now this game is really good, old-style, those games you know that still make you use your imagination. Get back memories !
Plus, I had no problem with controls like some of the guys seems to have had.

Sorry for my poor english. Great game !

Amazing Game

It grabbed me instantly and i couldnt stop playing until i had finished it.


Very poetic and nostalgic. Loved every minute of it!

Why Can't people just say Orpheus?

and for the record, this game was great.