Reviews for "The TRUE death of Hinata"

Hinana - Owned!

LOOOL God i love these flashes ^^
"Filler doesn't count!" SOOOO true :D



sasuke dont olve you XDDD

thisssss is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, very good animation thx for the video


While i agree that Hinatas Death was Completly Cliche and Overrated i do have to point one thing out. How to filelrs not count? Thats like saying the main character died in a filelr but once they went out of Fillers he magicly came back to lfie and everyone acted like he never died. Maybe im seeing this wrong but neather the less great job


Lol. hilarious! I just couldn't keep from laughing!
And when kisame came up at the end and said owned, I pretty much died of laughter! 5/5!