Reviews for "The TRUE death of Hinata"

Awesome truth told here!

Loved the "filler does not count" and "Saske does not love you". I mean the series is great and all, but god damn is there a lot of filler. You should do a Bleach one, about the Bountu series.

PS: Bountu series is complete 100% BS. You could go pas the entire series (well, not the beginning due to the 3 pppet guys) and not miss ANY plot/story.


i just read the manga
and y do they add talking boob in alot of mangas


Haha. Nice script written there and cool BGMs (Sexy Back and I Will Always Love You made me ROFLOL.) Very well done. ;)

effin' good i must say.

even the art is so simplistic, i really love how cracked up the characters are. pyramid head a sex symbol, epic. pain commenting how lame to turn kyuubi for hearing that naruto's not loved by sasuke, with the "and aaaa-i-aii will always love you" music? most epic. my goodness. make moar dude. i have high respects to your sense of humor. a 10 for you.


Owned. By Kisame, no less. Beautiful, just absolutely awesome. Please make more of these, the manga is sure to provide many more opportunities soon!