Reviews for "The TRUE death of Hinata"


Filler dose not count.

its okay

it's funny but people hinata didn't die during that but she was barley conscious


wow this was funny and kinda messy as in graphics but i loved it !

:D happyface

AT LAST!!! NaruHina is FINALLY dead!!! She was a filler character at some points...
And Pein roolz! ^:_:^ Now, this is a really AWESOME flASH i'm a huge naruto fan and I'm a big fan of your flashes! ( please don't vote this useless! It makes me sad )
Vote meh up if u like fioriparty flashes!!! ^w^


hello all fangirls i just need to say 1 thing filler doesnt count.........owned! lol! this vid was sooo awesome and funny aaaand my favorite part "this manga is soo full of cliches" "Sasuke doesnt love u" "WTF! naruto thats a lame excuse to turn kiubi!" i love the microsoft sam voice for pain this was soooooooo cool i wish i could do flashes like u! but anyway great kisame part and tis vid is awesome. Another great vid by Fiori Party