Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"

I will laugh SO HARD if someone flags this movie!

It's an interesting change.... and it worked. It worked very, very well.

This is kind of annoying, since there's nothing left to say in the review.

...Oh wait, yes there is: Filesize. People with slow inetrnet connections will be annoyed by the loading time (especially since everyone's so impatient around here).
However, It was a relatively long video, and I understand the decision not to cheapen it by over-compressing stuff.

So, good job. I would expect nothing less from the creators of my favourite website :)

(5/5, if you haven't guessed already).


Whoo, they all earned it............o.0


I belive this is one of first 10 reviews
So - i say really awesome video!
Results are realyy surprising!
Fancy pants is a good game... But i dind't expect it's victory!
But all the flashes in contest were really great, so thanks to all authors for their job!

Nicely done

Well made and funny!


Congrats To everyone Who Won =3