Reviews for "2nd Annual Tank Awards"

Ahh the good old times! Those camera flashes that sound like machine gun shots, the ever so inventive and caring ReNaeNae (wonder what happened to her), the immense amounts of blams and portal activity... may we one day reach and surpass that fargone pinnacle again; hands out some awards once more! :D Real blast of nostalgia with the top movies and games too, all but one: real nostalgic.


MindChamber responds:

haha, I was still trying to figure out all the tricks in premiere. This vid is so flawed but,I cant help but watch it for its terrible charm.. Thankfully NG is loved by so many like yourself, who've taken up that mantle and ran with it!

Very nice

Its always nice seeing stuff like this, and also awsome to see the quality visuals and details, So I was pretty impressed with everything you have presented here, anyways great work indeed.

Nothing to change when its a solid piece.


The entire award ceremony was magnificent, but what made the entire thing really worth it, was that Pico 2 joke. Keep making Newgrounds awesome people. Everything by Everyone.

Someone make Tom bring this back. LOL

MindChamber responds:

I concur!

Omg xP "I'm gonna go delet users from forums". That line made me lough so loud