Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

Nice Flash idea

That was a really cool idea. I love the Tycoon Serie over all, and a Tycoon in Flash with such a nice music and graphic... just love it. moooore please!

thomas-devon responds:

Thanks for your comments, we hope you have a good time playing.
See you again in Code Monkey Tycoon 2.0!


The money Im getting from the C++ Multiplayer is ridiculous, I went from 5 million to 70million now and its still rising. The moment I got that money was no longer an issue. But other, fun and addicting game though it could have A LOT more added.

The reviews from the gaming companies were incredibly shallow and short. A development lineup would've been nice, continually going back to the development screen to give my 4 teams a new task every few seconds was quite annoying. The scrolling down on the games Ive previously made is wrong, the very button are the newest but whenever I go into the advertisement, distribution or results screen it would reset back to the top and I had to click my way through hundreds of discarded games to get to my newest babies...


thomas-devon responds:

Hi, thanks for commenting.
We made the game so that multiplayer games require work, but bring in impressive revenues (just like in real life).
The reviews were previously longer and considered several factors, but we had to reduce them in order to translate the game to all the different languages.
You are right regarding the scrolling pain - we are planning to add a feature to solve this in the future.
Thanks for your review, we appreciate your helpful comments.


Excelent game in the begining is hard & frustrasting but in the end is imbresive, I won 104,578,932,66 $ playing for 2 hours, after that i get bored


Can you make a 1 man team Notch style? aka 1 game =5 million dollars + more?

What's that music called?!