Reviews for "The Slide"


You know I liked it.
Ill tell you what I think the next step should be for you on msn next time we speak, it'd be too long to put into this review. Too tiresome too, and also private :s

A little c&c-

I said not to put the "*pain*" because it doesnt really work imo.
The woman is quite small. I dunno if this was just me, but I couldnt hear the music.

Glad you finally have a solo sub though :D

Good job on this one

Better and better, Tawnik ;)


10/ 5 all the way.

Awesome, its been a pleasure to see your progress all these years !

Really, awesome.

Thanks for hte credit shoutout :D

Great animation!

Short but ever so tantalizingly sweet! :D
The split in half was just beautiful, except I wanted to see some organs...

Tawnik responds:

that is weird man =( you should visit doctor :D
lol, sorry, no organs for you this time :)


reminds me of the slide that was at my local park. before it was set on fire.

Tawnik responds: