Reviews for "The Slide"


I lol'd

And I know this was not what you were going for, but my favorite part was the credits, they were really well done

I guess you didn't lie when you said they were epic

Tawnik responds:

Haha, that was "epic credits" for Mesmay :D then music etc

I know, a lot of people like the credits the most, but if you lol'd it okay to say the credits are the best :D

Reminds me of home.

I really liked this but I read the comments so the ending got ruined for me. But I so I wasnt surprised XD reminds me of all the syringes people have been taping to doorknobs around here.

I still lol that people are dumb enough to grab onto them without seeing the big needle pointing out. Or that people could slide down a slide without seeing the nail.

Tawnik responds:

haha poor you, this animation was supposed to make you "lmao" or "lol at least :D

I forgot to tell you that the kid was blind, yeah, its true =( nah, he wasnt blind, I dont really care about why he didnt see that nail.. :DDD

Plainly and simply:

Nice animation. Good work!


It was kinda boring but well animated.


Crazy laugh at the beginning
With the hammer and the nails I knew that there was violence!! Awesome !
Being sliced in 2 was epic
Crazy, Funny and Sadistic
I'm giving this an 8 because:
No sounds while the movie was playing only at the beginning and the end
That monkey bar was cut in half... the other half was gone LOL