Reviews for "The Slide"

your awesome!!!!!!!!!!

gad damn ur imagination and creactivity!!!!!

Great animation!

Short but ever so tantalizingly sweet! :D
The split in half was just beautiful, except I wanted to see some organs...

Tawnik responds:

that is weird man =( you should visit doctor :D
lol, sorry, no organs for you this time :)

thats gotta hurt...


the story just was random a bit.. i mean the guy just felt like doing that to the poor kid? but im not gonna take points off on that infact i gave u one point on the nice animation job, along with the hummer well done make more :D

What the hell.

This has me laughing and i didn't quite understand why but it was just a good quick flash that gave you one big laugh,nice work.

Tawnik responds:

EXACTLY the way I imagine how this animation should work, just quick random FUNNY flash.THANK YOU :D