Reviews for "Green Terror"


very good addictive challenging game the physics are awesome the game is really fun and after a while i finished it but how come at the end it says "Congratulations! Win!" not the best english inthe world but never the less a great game witch is highly reccomended


It was an addictive game but then it got boring it would be better if you had to kill multi aliens or you had to shoot something els such as in a dragons mouth lol or yo u oculd even have a storyline where the ending is an ironic twist and you have to shoot your own person but over all it was a good game.

and it was origional


Great game! I beat it! It seamed short though! You have to make another but make it longer and have different characters to chose from!



great game man, one thing tough id like to see a minigame or somthing like that where you get to blast heavily armored aliens and humans outta the sky. i had fun blowing them up. so could you? COULD YOU?? CHOULLLD BLLLEEEWWWW???????

New twist on something I've seen before.

If you search the internet long enough you already played something like this game.
It has a very original twist to it... that makes it more fun than alot of the others.
But it still need some improvements on the technical aspects.

I look forward to a "sequel" with no glitches.