Reviews for "Green Terror"

It's okay

It's an okay gravity well puzzle game. I think the space marine guys need to leave or grab a gun. All in all, average. I give you extra points for the setting.

Love magnet games.

Great shooter and physics!
Level 20 had me tho.
Good sound and great cannon.

A novel idea, but not much more.

It's a very nice idea, don't get me wrong, but it's very little more than that. The gameplay gets boring after a while and, while the "gibbing" effects are very unique and fun, they are quite plain. Maybe it would have been too much, but a little blood couldn't hurt, surely?


The game was okay. Above average i suppose but got pretty hard after a while.

kidna annoying

I know you put those magnets in to make it challenging but it got really annyoing fast. otherwise pysics were awesome, textures were bad tho.