Reviews for "Green Terror"

Nice game.

Over the past few weeks, I have fallen in love with this game, it's simple, addictive gameplay just reels you in.

However, i don't like the fact that the alien is stronger than the human. If you hit the human on a tiny bit of power, he'll die, this is not the case with the alien.


It's quite cool and the physics are smooth and nice, I like the idea of the magnets, but the levels lack interestingness and challenge, they only have seemingly randomly placed magnets and you just have to shoot randomly and hope to win!

I find it really stupid though that you can hit the alien, win, and then the ball can bounce back and hit your guy as well, and at that point you will lose. However, if you're fast enough and click on "Next Level" immediately as it appears, then you can avoid losing like that... I think that's a bug to fix!

Pretty Cool!

haha I'm on place 6
It's pretty cool !

Good, but not great,

This game had a good idea and it was pretty fun untill about half way into it. It needs a little something extra, maybe more aliens or a spaceship to hit. A storyline would be good as well.

Pretty nice.

Simple, but fun and challenging enough ti make me want to play.