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Reviews for "Waterman (3D)"


Just try to remember all of us when your name is in the credits of the latest Pixar blockbuster, 'kay?

M1KES responds:

i'll try and remember to include you in the "special thx to:" section! :P


That was very cool and the character was shiney and pretty. I liked it.

M1KES responds:

Thank you.. it looks better in high def! But for flash.. thats the best i could do.


DUDE. The graphics were awesome. the ending was pretty funny too

M1KES responds:

Hehehe.. thx.. glad you enjoyed it. The ending wasnt supposed to be there... but i didnt have time to finish the story.

Classic, totally original.

The idea is very well shown in this flash, and how you made everything 3D is just amazing.

M1KES responds:

Thank you! Alot of hardwork was put into this project! :)


Good 3D animation man.