Reviews for "The Lazor Collection"

A Bit of Advice?

Don't try to be like anyone else, keep aiming for some originality, then you'll get more deserved praise, instead of people being disappointed to see the same expected stuff again. It doesn't look like you're so bad at drawing or animating, put it to better use.

mariomaster123 responds:

Good advice, this flash was mainly for a friend.


I didn't like it. It was very unoriginal... I don't think I laughed once to be honest, mainly because these jokes are old and predictable. You even made this in the same style as the original Lazer Collection.... Grow some originality, really.

On a positive note, the animation wasn't bad at all. The only gripe I have is that once again it seemed very similar to Dom Fera's work. If you're gonna make yet another lazer movie, at least put your own spin on it. Personally I thought the lazer collection was more creative.

mariomaster123 responds:

The point was to be like the lazer collection


The animation was above the Lazor par, but you've missed why the lazors are funny to begin with - it's not just the whole firing of the thing, but the unpredictability and timing. While this is a fair start, I was never surprised at the outcome, and the best of the bunch was the guy blowing up the moon, because that was at least different enough that I didn't expect it.

Try getting a little wittier with it. Maybe it wasn't the most hilarious ever, but the Lazor Collab did at least do some creative things - the bird and concert scenes come to mind, not because they're going to make everybody laugh (though the concert certainly did for me), but because as best I know it hadn't been done that way before. Two people talking, one asking a question, and the other responding with "BWAAARGH!!" has, on the other hand, been done about a million times.

So, yes, good starting point, but I wouldn't go making fun of other lazor flashes just yet. .-.


the same thing over and over again but funny each time, wow...


Even better than the originals!
Good Job dood.