Reviews for "The Lazor Collection"


I love laser flashes keep them comming. Make more. also the chocolate rain was one funny


nice to have a newgrounds version that lives up to Dom Fera!!!

Chocolate BLAARRGGHH!!


W00TAGE DIS SHIT R0X!! (now don't take that the wrong way.. I love it!)

Darky love teh laz0rs.
Do yuo love teh laz0rs?

Can't wait to see moar from ya! ;D



Fun simple and Fun i like the graphics and the voice is good

It was ok...

The only thing that I would say is that the lazors were a bit predictable... you knew exactly where they were gonna come from and who was going to do it... part of the charm of the lazor collections is that you don't know.

That being said, there was a couple that made me smile