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Reviews for "Madness: Short 1"

Good work,

I want to steal your models and animations :P Really fluid and great work with the shell casings. Like others have said, it does need to be put into action, but when it is, should be fantastic!


impressive, i like the tweens, this should be classified as a test in the experimental category, but i like it :)


now try and make what everyone craves out of a good madness movie: a weak storyline and lots and lots of blood. keep at it.


I like all the weapons that were used, next time add more people

Really slick

That was really fluid for being a short. I liked the bullet casing movements, I can never seem to get them to look real but you did very well. You also did well with how the ATP moved back from the recoil, thats another thing I can't pull off.

You should start making a real tribute with enemies and a silly plot.