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Reviews for "Madness: Short 1"

Your style matches Delamortes EXACTLY.

Everything from the walk cycle to the way you animate gun recoil was perfectly executed. This was all EXACTLY like Delamortes' animations.
You have my full support, please make more.

fuckin winner

that was the best gun test animation of I ever seen, you are closer of delamortes, the machetes´s spin was too fast, but was good , the recoils is equal of krinkels use, but the bullet shells falls to fast and to any way, you should improve it, Oh I can´t wait for a full movie of 2 or 3 minutes made by you

holy fucking shit, this is amazing as hell.

Now you are one of the few great madness animators here on Newgrounds. You are good to the point where if you made a full length madness movie, it would get front fucking page. You need to make a full length movie. it would kick so much ass.

The first test has style the way that he holds the shotgun after he finishes shooting it. the recoil is fucking amazing to.

The second test has some fucking AMAZING recoil. And great fucking job with the bullets. they fall perfectly.

The third test is a epic ass win. theres so much style in that one. the way that he has 2 knifes out and holding 1 like a dagger. just fucking epic.

The fourth test is a big bag of holy fucking shit. thats even more amazing perfect recoil.

The fifth test is awesome as fuck. Great recoil with the pistol. :3

The sixth tests is beautiful. thats some amazing recoil once again.

The seventh test, again with the good recoil.

The 8th test, amazing ak47 recoil. i fucking love it so much.

The ninth test, perfect revolver recoil.

The last test, amazing fucking sniper recoil.

You have mastered every single kind of recoil, and good walking. Now you just need to make a full length movie and you will be fucking popular in no time. Good luck with the next batch of tests. :P

You have skill dude

Don't give up!

Near krinkels standard

Great and all but you fucked up big time using the worlds shittiest loop.
Animation reminds me of delamortes and krinkel's.
I just cannot understand how your so good.
Keep up the good work without my loop.