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Reviews for "Madness: Short 1"



Kind of 'MEH' movie..

But the recoils was good.

Damn, this is good.....

WOW! you sure are a great animator!! Is this your first madness? If it is, then I'd be amazed. And like ngg (nggangsterpimp) said, you truly ARE one of those rare-as-fuck great madness animators here on newgrounds. I think you should do a Desert Eagle recoil test, too. And you should also use more than just A.T.P. agent characters.

1st Test (Shotgun): Great, it was interesting how he held the shotgun after firin' it.

2nd Test (MP5K): Nice work here. Nothing less, nothing more.

3rd Test (Knife/L337 Sword): Amazing twirl of the sword. You have my word there for sure.

4th Test (G36): *inserts same words as used for MP5K test*

5th Test (M1911): Wow, that had awesome recoil.

6th Test (MP7): Really, really, good. I have to say.

7th Test (PPK): Another fantastic success. One thing though- when the non-trigger hand grabs the gun in front of the trigger hand, that non-trigger hand was facing upside down.

8th Test (AK-47): Wow, this was some great shit here.

9th Test (Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum): Kick-ass recoil, no doubt about it.

10th (and last) Test (Tac-50): Wow, just wow..... amazing.....

Overall, I am now speechless on how amazing all these tests were. You have a very good chance of being the 2nd Krinkels someday. By the way, if you didn't exactly know what I meant by the whole "hand was upside down" thing, feel free to PM and I can show you an example if I have any available.

5/5 and 10/10 from me for sure, my good man.


you are almost like me

FreeGhost responds:

so happy that you like it


I like how the motion was so smooth like krinkles it reminds me of delamortes i can see your becoming to be a good animator.
Overall you get a 10/10