Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"

good . . . but now i hate you :)

why did you kill of nanaki! WAaa no you are o mean! make sephiroth turn good and use a peonix down please!!!! PLEASE
if you do i wontg hate you anymore:):):):):):)

nanaki living=good
nanaki dead =DEATH X(

u still amaze me

wow that was awsome still but this is the only 1 i have a problem with u should stick to the fighting styles in the other 7 and who THE HELL CARES ABOUT RED, AND NANIKI and vince could be evil or still might be good its all in the plot

Very good.

You have come very far from the beginning. Now just to finish what you have made so far. Good luck, I hope you can keep on making more. Final Fight Fantasy, and Final Fantasy rule! -Dustin Jetzelsberger


Awww, RedXlll was cool why`d he have to die!!!

It was ok

Nothing more to say....not my kind of movie and fighting.