Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"

All the colors in the loading bar are very cool!

Thats really cool...
Animation is soooo awesome!!!
The fight of Vincent and Reo XIII was great!
Sounds and musics were very good!
Very good job! :)
The 3D is very very good, keep it up :)!!


Execellent movie.

Pretty deep stuff.

the most unique episode of the entire series!

what is your problem

every one of my favorite characters is dying or about to. I liked RedXIII, and Vincent will die because he's bad. If you ever include Quina from FFIX and kill him, I might run to my room sobbing (yes I like Quina)

Darkening, I see

Wow, this story is just getting more and more involved! I'm not a fan of Vincent as the "bad guy", but bad and good seem to be almost interchangable in this series!